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The Cebu Fashion Bloggers consist of a wide array of bloggers who do not only limit their writing capacities within the world of fashion. The bloggers of CFB prefer to keep their blogs relevant, relatable and up to date by also shedding light on the different lifestyle aspects such as:

CFB Members write about their personal style, latest fashion trends, fashion related events, brand collaborations and other fashion related topics on their blogs.


CFB partake in the promotion of the food industry in Cebu. CFB members support the establishments in the island which can be seen in their Instagram and blog entries.


CFB does not only limit themselves to Cebu. By featuring travel posts and documenting their adventures, they are capable of sharing traveling tips and information with their readers.


CFB members turn their blog up a notch by stepping outside of their personal style posts and by stepping into the real world and showing their readers what their lives are like.


Showcasing Cebu's awesome sense of style!

The Cebu Fashion Bloggers, as the name suggests, is a community of bloggers who are located in the Queen City of the South and are mainly enthusiasts of fashion. It is an avenue for bloggers to be a part of a community of people with common interests for them to be able to grow and to develop their craft. By being a part of CFB, bloggers can improve on different aspects of social media and at the same time, work with different brands who can expect nothing less but quality features.

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